The purpose of social media for business

Written on Nov 10 2013

The road to social media success begins with understanding the purpose of social media and asking the right questions:

“How do we use social sites to engage with our customers?”

“How do we communicate our story effectively?”

The answers to these essential questions give your company a purpose for engaging online in the first place.

If you haven’t created a strategy yet, we recommend a free tool called

While social media can help your brand achieve many goals, it’s not a panacea for a struggling business. For a social media presence to be successful, it must have a clear purpose behind every action. Defining your purpose lets you move forward with specific, measurable goals and strategies.


Why should a business be social?


1. Social media builds brand awareness
Social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn are integrated into the lives of billions of people (about 1.6 billion to be exact). Many of those people could be potential employees, customers, suppliers, and partners for your business. Businesses must embrace the opportunity to engage in the lives of consumers. Social media provides an open forum to which everyone is invited to collaborate and share ideas, experiences and interests.


2. Be found by potential leads
Before conducting business with a company, most consumers want more information. Social media has become a popular research tool. Engaging with consumers in this setting develops a relationship, provides an opportunity to answers questions, and ensures that potential leads have a positive experience with your company.


3. Build a community to grow the bottom line
By publishing content that’s relevant to your business, interested leads will interact with your content by commenting or contacting you directly. Responding to their comments online allows you to embrace interested leads and turn them into loyal followers. By “liking” your page on Facebook for example, leads will see future content that you publish over time. These “likes” are also referred to as followers, subscribers, or fans. Getting enough of them will build a community of people that wants to engage and do business with you. Soon, you may even have existing customers advocating on behalf of your business and working to recruit more business on your behalf!


4. Recruit customers by engaging in conversations
By publishing content that may be of interest to existing fans and future customers, leads will comment and interact with your content. Open up conversations with them by responding and asking them questions. This process will allow you to learn how to make things better. Invoke questions about the usability of your experience to better understand what clients are looking for.


Businesses are embracing social media because of the possibilities it brings and the opportunities it creates. If your company is interested in creating more value out of social media, we can help. Our application coaches businesses through the complexities of maintaining a social media presence. Just contact us and we will get in touch with you.

We hope you have a better understanding for the reasons why your business should be social.

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