Integrating Employees into Your Social Brand

Written on Jan 14 2013

Your entire company should be considered your branding department and should aspire to bring your brand to life. Including your employees in the companies social media brand building efforts not only builds the brand amongst employees but fosters greater employee advocates.

To effectively build a companies brand image you can’t force your employees to advocate on your behalf, instead you need employee buy-in. By engaging your employees and giving them the opportunity to provide input allows them a sense of ownership and accountability, and creates alignment with company values.

Bring your brand to even more customers through your biggest advocates – your employees.

Employees will contribute amazing things when they feel connected with a brand. Physically contributing to the companies social media efforts increases employee commitment, and invokes a sense of added value in helping their company in an alternative way than in their everyday jobs.

Cydney Koukol of Talent+, a leading human resources consulting firm, suggests that most employees want to help the company promote itself in social media, but are either hesitant about how to do so, or do not really know what the company would like.

Help Employees Contribute.

Ask your employees to share stories of projects they are working on and their opinion of industry insights they are passionate about. Show them you are listening, and that you are pleased and impressed by what they are saying.

Reward Influencers.

It is important to reward those who build influence. Some of your most influential contributors should be highlighted and recognized in internal communication materials, which can encourage others to contribute, adding more content to the company’s overall desired outcome. Make sure your employees also receive tangible recognition for achieving specific goals. That way, when workers learn about the details of a new project or initiative, they’ll also have an incentive for helping the company move forward.

Give Them The Tools They Need.

You now understand the importance of employees contributing to your social presence, but how do you collect and share this content? It would be a tragic mess and a huge risk to allow every employee direct access to your social networks, posting on behalf of the company. So, how does content get uploaded, approved, and posted?

There is a Simply solution….

With the SimplySocial app, all employees with a smart device can upload content to the SimplySocial cloud. Your marketing department can then edit and approve or deny the content and post it to your companies designated social channels, all from one secure platform.

Striking the perfect balance between strategic direction and organic thought from employees is crucial. SimplySocial is here to connect the advocates of a company with its audience and carry the conversation. The result is an active and engaging social presence that is aligned with company values and brand messaging.

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  1. By Jaime Jay on August 20, 2013, 3:46 PM

    I think this is a fantastic concept. Although my organization is still very small, this is definitely a practice I will incorporate as we grow. I first learned about this when I got the 2010 Culture Book from Zappos. It’s a book that has each one of their employees writing about what they think of the company, what they do and how it has effected their lives. Great concept and Zappos was way ahead of the curve on this one. Thanks for the post!


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