What makes a video go viral?

Written on Dec 01 2011

A friend of ours, Mihai Oaida sent me an interesting article that caught my attention.

Brent Coker, a marketing professor at the University of Melbourne in Australia put into words what many in social media have been feeling for quite some time. His theory, covered in Scientific American, shares his concepts behind what makes a video go viral:

Coker has come up with a recipe for success called the branded viral movie predictor algorithm. According to the algorithm, the four ingredients required for a video to go viral are congruency, emotive strength, network involvement, and something called “paired meme synergy.”

Coker also discussed how videos that induce imagery that aren’t related to the brand can leave viewers left with “tension,” a tension that keeps them sharing the video. While his points about brand consistency and the importance of emotion in video are no secret, Coker pulls his thoughts all together into a simple algorithm to help more companies produce viral content. Well done!

Check out the rest of the article here.







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