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Written on Oct 18 2012

Passing through the gates of our one-year milestone, we’d like to reflect back on our journey here at SimplySocial thus far.


Our revenue this year has proven our idea that enterprise, government, and healthcare are demanding more than just plug and play social media tools. A platform that reduces risk by providing Social Media Integrity and Automation (SMIA) is in global demand.

We invite anyone in our target industries of healthcare, education, and enterprise to go through our sales process which includes a demo, strategy integration, and product implementation.

Think Globally, Act Locally

With a growing team across Romania, the Netherlands, and Alaska, we are proud to be an Alaskan company that conducts business globally. We’re fortunate to have the support of the Alaskan community and 10 accredited investors, all of whom are Alaskan residents that bring a combined 270+ years of business experience to the company. We’ve recently grown our Alaska team from one to three people counting myself – all whom born and raised in Anchorage.

We’re looking forward to bringing members from our global team to Anchorage to visit, work, and play!

House Bill 252

Earlier this year, House Bill 252, passed unanimously – Rep. Costello’s accomplishment in being the prime sponsor of this bill is truly something to be proud of. It creates greater incentives to do business in Alaska, leveraging our state’s ability to be more competitive in the technological industry compared to the other 49 states.

We are in strong support of this initiative.

“SimplySocial is exactly the kind of business that AEDC hoped would take advantage of these incentives (House Bill 252) and I think that SimplySocial’s CEO, Tyler Arnold, represents a new breed of Alaskan entrepreneur that will be on the leading edge of transforming Alaska’s economy.” – Jon Bittner, Director of Business and Economic Development at the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation

This makes Alaska a better place for high-tech companies to drive innovation in one the world’s fastest growing industries. This bill has already resulted in more Alaskan jobs at SimplySocial and has increased our confidence in calling Alaska home.

The bill is gaining attention down in Silicon Valley where I was recently accepted into Y Combinator Startup School.


We are excited about what we do, and are excited about the future. IDC forecasts $1 billion of annual growth in the social media enterprise software space. We expect a lot of changes as some of the world’s largest organizations become more open and connected.
We are proud to be Alaskan, and we are proud to have a hand in the economic development of Romania and the Netherlands through our team members there.

We will move forward into the coming year with continued agility and perseverance.

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