Tackling Social Media Challenges for Government

Written on May 02 2013

Social media can be a frustrating beast to tackle. How do you manage engagement on multiple platforms, collaborate across departmental silos to produce meaningful content, and respond to your audiences on a regular basis? Add in legal compliance, archiving, and internal policy and you have a whole mound of time consuming and annoying issues.

Some government agencies have been highly successful in implementing social media within their organization, however, the overall adoption rate is uneven. NASA however, is proof that social media can be an effective source of information and engagement for a government agency.

Improve Communication 

Social media is not a replacement for other forms of communication, instead it helps supplement and improve everything else the government is doing to communicate. The multi-channel revolution is about delivering an experience consistent with what today’s public wants.

Online vs offline

Government websites/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/blogs have become critical supplements – not replacements – for more traditional forms of communication.

A few good reasons for government agencies to be more social:

  1. Improving the day-to-day informational and transactional needs of the public.
  2. Encourage collaborative problem-solving with other agencies and the public at large for a more open government.
  3. Amplify important/urgent messages quickly while reaching larger audiences.
  4. 3/4 of Americans believe that social media makes government more accessible.


Leveraging Support Tools

Every organization should have the tools and knowledge to effectively communicate on social media. No longer a passing trend, social media is an essential tool for connecting with a generation of voters and taxpayers who communicate through social media platforms. Solutions are available to help these organizations be successful in the social realm. It’s possible to put out a streamlined message on all channels and build a powerful social presence, while adhering to company policy and government compliance.

By simplifying the issues that come with being social, more agencies can easily adopt this essential form of communication. The public wins when governments embrace technology!

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