Starbucks – Examples for Your Social Presence

Written on Sep 27 2012

If you’re anything like me, reading theory and tips only goes so far. Studying an existing, functional example is necessary for me to fully understand a concept.

That’s why I love looking at social presences that really set the bar. Ones that are consistent and cohesive, on par with branding both visually and in the messaging.

This is the first in a series of examples of such quality. Even if your organization isn’t in the same industry as a listed example, you’ll find that best practices for social presences often defy industry – an effective presence is universal.

Starbucks is a great example of a company that enforces a single experience consistently throughout many different mediums.
The look and feel of the profiles are not only consistent with each other – but consistent with the look and feel of the stores themselves.

This demonstrates a fundamental principle:
Solid branding isn’t born on social presences. Instead, social presences are an extension of solid branding.

Though your social presence is merely an extension of solid branding, it is arguably the strongest medium to enforce it and refine it.
Each piece of content Starbucks posts is immediately at the whim of their followers – what performs well is iterated on, what doesn’t is forgotten.
This kind of instant testing is unique to this medium, as none other provides this level of insight if any.

Of course SimplySocial optimizes this process – automatically iterating on content that works.

Also, if you’re an organization that has multiple brands, notice how Starbucks retweets content from its Frappucino and My Starbucks Idea brands.
In turn, those brands also retweet Starbucks. This cross-pollination is essential for communication between multiple brands and their respective followers.

Stay tuned for another example next week!

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