Social Media Psychology – Six Tips For A Stronger Presence

Written on Feb 13 2013

A strong social media page requires engagement on a regular basis supported by content that evokes personality, entertainment, and yes, even amazement. Good content can become great if you pay attention to a few tips with a psychological twist!

All individuals in the audience have needs and desires. An individual does not need to check-out a specific page but they may want to because they find it interesting, amazing, surprising or even shocking. The trick is to trigger an emotional response.

People usually take action because they are provoked by a reason. A strong reason will get you a greater return of views, retweets and even likes. The more reasons you can produce, the more actions people will take to engage with you. This engagement factor in turn produces consistent, loyal, advocating followers.

Below are 6 tips for triggering an audience to Take Action.

Build familiarity.

People like to identify with the stories they read and are more likely to recommend to others concepts/pages/brands that they identify themselves with. The content that can get people to feel a certain way is the most effective. Make use of the pleasure of remembering; evoke nostalgia. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and even go a little off-brand. The result might surprise you.

Be a Source.

With this comes the proactive approach. By knowing your audience, you can identify problems and potential questions before they surface. Identify these problems and provide solutions. When doing this add initials or even the names of your customer support team. It makes it evident that there is a person behind the page. If you want people to do something, provide an example. A member of the audience will find it easier to follow a lead.

Create Games and Contests.

Game On! In environments where people are already sharing and linking to each other, contests and gamification is a natural fit. Making an effort to engage your audience with giveaways and contests, (which have always been a popular marketing technique) will help your company develop a loyal following and keep them engaged by frequently checking back for new announcements and updates.

Make people laugh. Surprise them.

Make your audience curious of what you will share next by keeping your content diverse. Post videos, ask questions, run polls or any sort of interesting things. Remember image power; it has the edge over videos or text. Images are perceived instantly. They are also shared more easily. Give them a title and a little explanatory note for context and you’re all set.

Play on “Social Proof”.

Encourage reviewing. Good reviews will bring you an even wider audience. People tend to validate things in accordance to what they see others doing. Therefore, a great club has lines of people wanting to get in, a good software will get lots of downloads, etc. Use testimonials from experts, show how popular your message is.

Be Original.

Remember that people tend to attribute more value to things that are not so readily available. Share unique stories and information with your audience that comes directly from your business. Even a simple photo of an event taking place in your office will resonate more with your audience because of it’s unique qualities.

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