Social Media Communication: Easy does it!

Written on Jul 24 2012

Every CEO wants a strong market position for its product or service, and price value will always be a milestone for people’s choice. Therefore, social media cannot contribute to the quality of your products or directly increase your sales. But your business is operating in a multichannel setting where customers repeatedly switch between online and offline communication / information channels before a purchase.

What social media can do instead is…

  • make you noticeable to targets you’ve never dreamed of
  • build communities around your services that share honest and different opinions
  • link your products to the most respectable markets and open gates for interacting with new ones! If you haven’t thought yet about going international, social media gives you the opportunity to be internet’s next VIP.

The message is the medium

When Al Reis published in 2000 his famous book The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding he was announcing just the beginning of a business shift. He had already published in 1994 The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and developed in 2002 The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding which already included references to internet’s role. Even if 11 rules may seem less than 22, this doesn’t mean internet is easier to handle.

Reis’s firs rule is as applicable today as it was 12 years ago:

“The Internet can be a business or a medium, but not both. You make too much of the online to think it will replace traditional business practices; you make too little of it if you think it will not affect your business at all.”

If you are reading this article right now, then you know your online moment has come!

The big challenge is to handle a constant brand presence with relevant offers across all different social media channels.  As on social media, everything is about constant message exchanges – your presence will be evaluated also through the content you deliver.

Build you brand messages as a puzzle

Piece by piece, day-by-day, you should increase your online visibility as you did in the offline. It’s like a puzzle that needs a piece of communication every day. Interactivity is the single most important ingredient of any social media activity. To raise awareness, engage interest, stimulate purchase and build customer loyalty, you need to deliver the right messages and create a dialogue with your online fans!

Don’t strive for perfection in the online – strive for your own voice! Value who your audience is and speak to them. Successful online branding is all about telling your story of your business from your audience’s perspective. This is the core concept of SimplySocial communication strategy. Therefore, we will assure your messages follows three simple rules: they should be simple, professional and have a genuine human approach.

  1. Keep your messages simple. Whether you post a photo or a status update, communicate a single clear idea. Take IKEA’s example: Heading to college this year?
    Whether you need a room full of furniture or just some new accessories, we can help you make the design statement you want!
  2. Give professional advice.  Never forget about your business goals and how important is to look professional to your potential customers. Give them advice or interact with them on specific topics. Unique Selling Propositions are not enough anymore and people won’t share your brand identity only because your Facebook status states ‘You can get rid of dandruff’. Head & Shoulders support natural beauty on their Facebook account dedicated to women and football on their Twitter account dedicated to men – they give professional advices in both cases.

Mercy Hospital from Miami, Florida tries to engage its fans by asking them about their ‘work out plans during the summer’, but we believe they could do better if they just gave examples of some work out exercises! Consider this advice free of charge and contact us. 😉

  1. Talk to your followers and your fans with a human voice. Your fans ‘Liked’ your page because they might know your brand or you were recommended by their friends. If you don’t want your Facebook page to be forgotten, talk to your fans. People connect with and want to do business with other people.

For the biggest companies, online enthusiasm equals profit. Involvement equals currency. Today, with the striking power of the social interaction tools, marketing is more about creating meaning and engagement than it is about selling. People trust in what they friends like and recommend and the world wide web is the place where everybody meets.

We challenge you to try the power of online simply social communication.

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