Social in 60: Ep. 5 – What is YouTube?

Written on Nov 11 2013

YouTube, a video-sharing service, encourages viewers to interact and connect with the videos they watch. Not only can You, the user, upload an unlimited number of videos, but also rate videos, make comments, subscribe to channels, create playlists, and even create video responses to what you watch online. Free for everyone, businesses can create their own channels with all kinds of video content. Ads, interviews, walk-through of your site, tutorials, and contests are ways for businesses to engage, inform, and entertain potential customers.


Transcript:  It makes us laugh, it makes us cry, but most importantly, it helps us learn. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched every month on YouTube, and, if those countless hours have taught us anything, it’s that content doesn’t need to be perfect in order to have an impact. Pixelated and shaky videos about topics of interest have garnered millions of views and international attention within days of posting. It’s a movement that gives anyone with a camera a stage to stand on.

Companies that have used YouTube to generate commercial success have done so by featuring their product in fun and engaging ways. The famous Will It Blend campaign has shown the world the durability of BlendTec products as it has chewed some of our favorite gadgets to pieces. Marketing executives that are used to the more polished world of broadcasting may have to swallow their pride as they come to terms with 21st century media.

YouTube is a place where substance matters, but production quality does not. The rule of thumb here is to share videos relevant to your business, and let the audience decide what’s of interest.

Key terms: 
Channel is the YouTube term for a user account’s home page. It can include product names, upload videos, links to the user’s own website, and organized playlists of videos.
Subscriber is the term for a YouTube user who gets notifications of a channel’s new videos or posts.

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