Social in 60: Ep. 4 -What is LinkedIn?

Written on Nov 08 2013

LinkedIn is business cards, resumes, portfolios, conferences, and cocktail parties all rolled into one social networking site. With a business focus, LinkedIn has created a place for individuals and businesses to network in traditional and emerging ways, using technology to share information. Members connect with colleagues, discover new opportunities, and become inspired by others and the latest news in your field. Businesses are afforded the opportunity to share offers, breaking news and ventures, and to celebrate their employees. Whether you are connecting with fellow alumni or advertising an open position, LinkedIn strengthens your professional connections.

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Transcript: LinkedIn is the largest social network with an “all business” focus. Its nearly 250m users share their current job, past experience, and even endorsements from past employers on public profiles. Unlike other social networks that aim to connect you with friends and family, LinkedIn’s squarely business focus is a platform to share your professional background.

A real-time walking resume for its users, LinkedIn also presents opportunities for companies that want to participate as well. While individuals detail their professional life on their profile, Corporations wishing to tell their story can do so by creating a “Company Page.” These pages allow companies to share detailed information on their products, services, and even the people that work for them.

Being active on LinkedIn will keep you relevant and your Rolodex™ fresh. Reaching out to former colleagues or college roommates will generate connections as they join your network. You’ll then be notified as connections are hired, fired, or change jobs. This makes LinkedIn ripe for career changing opportunities, as well as a chance to recruit new talent.

Key terms: 
LinkedIn Profile is a member’s information, including current and past positions, education, resume, portfolio, professional summary, and business connections.
LinkedIn Company Page is a public page for organizations that lets LinkedIn members learn about your business, job opportunities, and the products and services offered.
LinkedIn Connections are formed between members through the sending of invitations to connect. That primary connection is called a 1st-degree connection and is reserved for the people you know best. You can also create new connections through LinkedIn recommendations for “People You May Know” and your e-mail address book.

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