Social in 60: Ep. 2 – What is Facebook?

Written on Oct 25 2013

Facebook is still the place to be on the Internet. Begun as an outlet for college students, Facebook is famous for photo sharing, political discussions, interest comparisons, and friendship making. As a social media tool it works for businesses, governments, bands, and individuals the same way; the number of “Likes” your page has determines its prominence. Advertising on Facebook is gaining traction for companies that post interesting online content, and this word-of-mouth platform complete with hyperlinks is essential for modern businesses.

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Transcript: Facebook! Odds are you and your closest 1.3 billion friends already use it. But for those that don’t know, what is it?Launched in 2004 out of Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room, Facebook has become a near ubiquitous communication platform. Second only to e-mail, the site is a haven for people to share what’s on their mind and what’s happening in their life. Users of the site share photos, articles, interests, and see what their friends are up to. Facebook DOES tend to make headlines around issues like privacy, as features like “check-in” allow users to broadcast their physical location to let their friends know where they are.

While the site does support paid advertising, the real value lies in what’s known as “Likes.” If a user has opted-in or “Liked” a brand, they’ll see future announcements from that brand as they surf around the site. This unlocks a treasure trove of opportunities for companies that post interesting stuff online, since their success depends on their originality and creativity as opposed to ad spending.

Key terms: 
Facebook Likes occur when a user has opted-in to receive future updates from a brand, or when they have signaled interest in a piece of content they enjoy.
Check-ins are the method in which users broadcast their location in real time.
Facebook Profile a user’s personal page, with lists of friends, interests, group memberships, and recent activity. Individuals control their privacy settings and change what is visible to others.
Facebook Page is for a business, organization or brand to share stories and connect with people.

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