SimplySocial team departs Romania // Arrives in Alaska

Written on Apr 29 2012

After nearly eight months, 3,500+ working hours, and 120,000+ air miles, Jeroen Erne and I will land in Anchorage (April 25) for the launch of SimplySocial on May 1st. We will be joined by our fellow co-founder, Valentin Bora, virtually, as he is unable to join in person.

As we look back over our time in Romania, we recap some of the routines that punctuated our time there. We typically started every morning with breakfast at Lucas Super Sandwich, and would satisfy our craving for sweets at Prospero Bakery (pictured below). All less than a 100 meters from our prime city-center location.

Valentin Bora and Tyler Arnold in Prospero, Timisoara, Romania for SimplySocial

Prospero Bakery, Timisoara, Romania

Romania was a really fun place to develop our product. Cost of living is much lower, bandwidth is quite good, and the city of Timisoara (where we were located) could not have been more accommodating. The city has a considerable Austrian-Hungarian influence, leaving a legacy of beautiful architecture and a makeup that’s easily walkable. Spring time had us spending a bit more time outside the office as we explored the city’s numerous parks, bakeries, and outdoor cafes.

Valentin Bora at the Easter Market, Timisoara, Romania

Union Square, Timisoara, Romania

Jeroen Erne at the Easter Market, Timisoara, Romania

All in all, Timisoara is a great place for us to be invested in. The environment encourages creativity, and the low costs make it feasible. Special thanks to everyone that has helped us during out stay. Specifically, Radu Ticiu at the Timisoara Software Incubator was incredibly helpful in hosting a few events and networking us with the local tech scene. Thanks again, Radu!

However, as one journey comes to comes to end, another one begins. With incoming customers, our schedules will be defined by what our customers need and what the market demands. As we like to say, “it just got real.” Coordination between our clients and our internal product team is about to go into hyperdrive… A really exciting shift for all of us.

I’m looking forward to meeting with potential clients over the coming weeks, as well as an opportunity to thank friends and family in person for their support thus far.

It just got real. See you soon!

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