SimplySocial Launches New Product Offering: “Opportunity”

Written on Nov 12 2013

I’ve got something really exciting to share with you today! Over the past few months, we’ve been featured in top media outlets providing social media advice. We’re incorporating the secrets of the world’s top social media presences into a piece of software that any marketer can now use.

Fighting lost opportunities

Every positive customer interaction or water cooler story is a positive PR opportunity. Unfortunately, most of these opportunities are lost. Employees, key executives, and stakeholders are usually left out of the social media process. We’ve centralized content creation in a single place, allowing everyone to contribute content and share ideas.

Three ways we can help:

#1. Keep your strategy relevant


Prevent your social media strategy from becoming irrelevant by giving access to the entire team and by keeping it fresh. Organize posts around campaigns to be prepared for the content you’ll need later. Everyone is on the same page with no more guesswork around wondering what to publish!

#2. Include employees and stakeholders

Content Planning


Assign Tasks

SimplySocial creates an environment where content ideas can be discussed, explored, and showcased. Contributors are allowed to submit content and participate in discussions but don’t have the rights to publish. Employees, key executives, and other influences can finally start participating in the content creation process without increasing the workload of an existing team.

#3. Streamline content approval process

Request Review

Move beyond presentations, e-mails, and meetings. Prevent stale content by approving it in real time. Easily assign tasks to members of your team to verify content or fact-check information that’s scheduled for release. Content can only be published after strict moderator review and approval, allowing you to decide who is in charge. With all content organized in a single place , there is no fear to create. 

Read more about how we can help advertising agencies, finance types, and corporate marketers.

Don’t let lost opportunities hold you back!

We’re really excited about this latest release. When a positive customer interaction or clever marketing concept isn’t shared, that’s a lost marketing opportunity. By centralizing content creation in a single place and giving everyone access, an opportunity lost becomes an opportunity gained.

I look forward to exploring new opportunities together,


Tyler Arnold, Co-Founder and CEO of SimplySocial


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