SimplySocial: International from Day 1

Written on Mar 05 2013

The days of steady and consistent macro-economic growth are over. The future is increasingly leaning towards companies that can function and find pockets of value located around the world, no matter where they are. While some folks are surprised that SimplySocial has three founders from very different backgrounds (Alaskan, Dutch, and Romanian), to me it feels very normal. I can’t help but think that, all over the world, there are a number of companies born internationally (all of which will become apparent over the next decade).

From there, “starting international” will be the norm. The new world is flat!

Go International, Young Startup
by Michael Fertik | 10:36 AM January 25, 2013
Conventional wisdom says that startups need to embed themselves with American customers, sometimes for a stretch of years, before branching out to Europe and then Asia. Like most conventional wisdom, it’s nonsense (or bollocks, absurdité, 廢話 — take your pick)….

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