Optimizing your Social Reach

Written on Nov 19 2012

Social media continues to become a powerful and necessary tool for reaching audiences and has grown into one of the strongest marketing platforms. In today’s online world, customers expect a greater experience from the businesses and brands they support than what has typically been offered in the past. With 2012 upon us, websites like Facebook and Twitter are a key part to effectively reaching consumers where they already are, online.

Increase Search Rankings
The adoption of information sharing as a way of expressing one’s ideas and preferences with the world has made an enormous difference in the way businesses market their products and services. To help improve your companies website ranking, an SEO strategy that implements social media in with your web marketing is now an essential way to reach today’s online consumers. When consumers can interact with your brand by liking, commenting, sharing, tweeting and pinning, your company will optimize its overall online reach.

In many instances, a company’s social pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, will appear higher in search results before their actual web page. The reason behind this is the fact that Google believes if you have social links to your content, it’s likely more authentic. People will not tweet, pin, facebook, or plus your content if it’s not relevant. As a result, Google is viewing these social media posts as a way to measure the validity of your business.

Company websites are no longer the focus point for users wanting more information about a brand and it’s products or services, instead it is just one access point. With conversations about brand experience increasing on social networking sites, the social sphere has completely changed the concepts and strategies of where brands and products place themselves on the Internet.

Become A Trusted Resource
Customers are now taking the lead in marketing. They no longer want to be sold, but instead demand information so they can make informed decisions. As a result, company websites without social plugins are quickly becoming obsolete. By reaching out and communicating with your customers directly, Social Media allows your company to establish itself as a trusted and valuable resource. However, you must develop a strategy for providing valuable and relevant content that your audience will respond to.

By establishing a deeper relationship with your audience your company will increase it’s top of mind awareness and overall organic marketing growth. In a company with a social presents customers are not only able to interact with you but with other customers too. If managed properly, your customers will advocate for you, sharing their experiences of your brand with each other and pushing those stories out to their own channels. Companies who think this social presence is too risky, need to realize that regardless of the fact you establish a social platform, people are having conversations online about your brand, so you might as well be there to facilitate the conversations and respond to their needs.

Social media is a powerful tool, the key is building the right social strategy. Every post is an opportunity to share a story that will influence and engage your audience, lending credibility and support for your brand.

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