On-Air with Charles Wohlforth

Written on May 24 2012

A few weeks ago, I had a great opportunity to sit down with Charles Wohlforth, a famous Alaskan author who interviewed me for his show, 1on1.

I really like Charles and his interview style of going in-depth for 30 minutes to really understand his guests and what motivates them.

The interview will air Sunday 6/3 at 6:30pm and the following Wednesday at 10pm on KAKM, and Thursday 6/7 at 1pm on KSKA in Alaska. I believe they post a small clip of the show online which I will paste below once it goes live.

Stay tuned!

Charles Wohlforth and Tyler Arnold

Quick update:
They’ve postponed our schedule due to the KAKM pledge drive. Now the show premiers on June 17, repeating the following Wednesday with radio on the Thursday.

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