Newsletter – Are you just another person in a shouting match?

Written on Jul 06 2012

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How loud do you have to shout?

We all have that fear – whether in regards to social media, or just life in general – that we are just another person in a shouting match, that our voice goes unheard.

It is easy to fall into that mindset when when there are 850 million active users on Facebook with over 50% logging in each day – all spreading their own word by creating on average 90 pieces of content per month.

How can numbers this enormous be reasoned with, let alone leveraged? Is it even worth it to try?

Well, I’m here to tell you that the very reason we are afraid is actually the same reason we should be excited – these numbers are an opportunity, not a reason to disregard social marketing.

Within these numbers is a very powerful phenomenon called virality.

Definition for virality:
The state or condition of being viral; tendency to spread by word of mouth.

On Facebook, it’s called friends-of-fans.

If we think of a social network as a graph, with each node represnting a person, it becomes evident that shooting messages throughout the graph is effective – because everyone is linked to somebody else. In fact, that is what Facebook has been designed to do – spread messages quickly across related groups of people.

The average Facebook user has 234 friends. If one person likes your business page, your voice is not only heard by them – it has potential to echo throughout all 234 of their friends. Some of those friends who are exposed to your content may eventually like your page. If each of them have 234 friends, we get into some pretty astonishing potential numbers – referred to as potential reach.

For example, SimplySocial’s Facebook page now has around 530 likes – this means that we have over 250,000 friends-of-fans – or, in other words, 250,000 people we can potentially reach with our content.

With this mindset, you are no longer limited by the amount of likes you have on your business page – they simply serve as the ever-expanding foundation for your limitless echo chamber.

Kind regards,

The SimplySocial Team

Statistics pulled from VentureBeatKISSmetrics, and The Anatomy of the Facebook Social Graph.

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