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Written on Nov 01 2011

This weeks article about advertising agencies experiencing a shortage of digital talent really struck a cord with the team at SimplySocial. In our survey of a major agency partner group, we found some of the biggest pain points of agencies looking to expand their social media offerings was talent. Getting it, keeping it, paying for it… All just some of the challenges that arise when trying to grow new personell.

Our agency client group has always been on our mind while building our software. In fact, we built it from the ground up to help advertising agencies maximize their existing teams and leverage their time.

After extensive testing we hope to publish some hardcore data about how SimplySocial can save real time at real advertising agencies. Until then, get in touch with us to hear more!

The talent pool, advertising technology company executives say, is not a deep one. And those who have the skills are in high demand, often fetching annual salaries that can reach $100,000.

“There is pain for hiring in digital at all levels,” said John Ebbert, managing editor of, a Web site dedicated to advertising technology.

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