How Agencies Can Improve Content Management

Written on Nov 12 2013

Why is social media content management so difficult?

Marketers, ad agencies, and PR firms understand that managing a social media presence on behalf of a client requires a lot of trust. Most major social media presences have content schedules that go months in advance. While the hand-in-glove relationship marketing firms have with their clients is a necessity, it does get tedious. Content can be a struggle across meetings, conversations, e-mails, and forgotten follow-ups.

What to expect from this article:

  • What is content management?
  • How is it usually handled? 
  • How do you effectively plan social media campaigns? 
  • How do you facilitate content collaboration?
  • How do you facilitate client approvals?
  • How do you engage clients (and their workforce) appropriately? 

Managing content means the trust of a brand

  • What is content management?
  • How is it usually handled?


Marketing firms are aware that the real time nature of social media makes it more prone to mistakes. That’s why client communication around social media is frequently so intense. Most social media content starts long before it’s published due to potential snags or hiccups in the approval process. Unfortunately, that means content discussions are spread across multiple places and in different mediums. Between tracking e-mail threads, attachments, and forgotten follow-ups, manpower can be short and a social media presence can suffer from lost content opportunities.

Four ways SimplySocial can help:

Up to 62% of enterprise has no sort of social media content strategy, and most aren’t using outside help just yet:

87 percent of respondents say they are creating content in-house, with 24 percent outsourcing content marketing creation to a content producer – Unisphere’s 2013 Survey of Content Marketing Trends Report

Marketing firms assisting with strategy or content creation have to work closely with their clients. In order to maintain relevance in the relationship, firms need to coordinate and strategize around a social media presence where the client feels in control. Here are four ways ad agencies, PR firms, and marketers can improve their content management process:

#1. Plan social media campaigns

  • How do you effectively plan social media campaigns? 


Prevent your social media strategy from becoming irrelevant by giving access to the entire team and by keeping it fresh. Organize posts around campaigns to be prepared for the content you’ll need later. Everyone is on the same page with no more guesswork around wondering what to publish!



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#2. Collaborate on content

  • How do you facilitate content collaboration?


Work together with your entire team in one place. Each piece of content starts as a draft, allowing individuals to contribute their thoughts and ideas. Content can only be published after strict moderator review and approval, allowing you to decide who is in charge.

Content Screen

Content Dialoge

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#3. Streamline client approvals

  • How do you facilitate client approvals?


Move beyond presentations, e-mails, and meetings. Easily assign tasks to members of your team to verify content or fact-check information that’s scheduled for release. Content that’s ready can be sent to clients for real-time review, streamlining the approval process.

Agency Assigning Tasks

Request Review

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#4. Get contributors involved 

  • How do you engage clients (and their workforce) appropriately?


CreateSimplySocial creates an environment where content ideas can be discussed, explored, and showcased. Contributors are allowed to submit content and participate in discussions but don’t have the rights to publish. Clients, key executives, and other influences can finally start participating in the content creation process without increasing the workload of an existing team. With all content organized in our content screen shown above, there is no fear to create.

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Fight lost opportunities with SimplySocial!

When a positive customer interaction or clever marketing concept isn’t shared, that’s a lost marketing opportunity. By centralizing content creation in a single place and giving everyone access, an opportunity lost becomes an opportunity gained. Get in touch to learn more about how we can work together.


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