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Written on Mar 26 2013

Many government agencies now use tools like Facebook to bring people together around their agency’s work and information. Social networks expand the government’s outreach capabilities and improve our ability to interact with and serve the public. Why then, is the Alaska Legislature spending so much time debating the issue of whether Facebook and other social media sites should be accessible to legislative branch employees and agencies?

In a recent article in the Alaska Dispatch, SimplySocial discusses the issues around social media for government agencies and the need to embrace technology in order to serve the best interest of the public through better channels of communication. If archiving and regulation standards are an issue, there are tools out there to help facilitate this process and build the interface for a positive social media experience. SimplySocial is one of those tools.

Alaska Dispatch

“The key to doing almost anything right is good project management … And good project management is really just good communication.”

As a young entrepreneur, I try to listen a lot. I like advice

That little gold nugget above came to me about six months ago from a top Alaskan business executive.

It’s no secret that communication is a key to getting things done. You can imagine my surprise then when I saw that the Alaska Legislature was considering an outright ban on social media sites inside the State Capitol.


Half of the world’s Internet population uses sites like Facebook and YouTube, where many of them go to discuss opinions, talk with friends, and consume media. Heck, even the Pope is onboard. Yet, in 2013, the Alaska Legislature is still asking questions.

Rep. Mike Hawker, chairman of the Legislative Council, seemed to share my sentiment when he complained in the Anchorage Daily News: “Facebook remains an issue of the Alaska State Legislature second only to oil taxes.”

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