FotF: MaryAnn Sacharski

Written on Nov 15 2012

 Our Friends of the Firm series: For a seed to grow, it’s best if it falls on fertile soil. We believe that a lot of what determines a company’s success depends upon community. Our Friends of the Firm series is our attempt to highlight some of the friends, family, mentors, advisers, customers, and more that play a part in the SimplySocial journey.

MaryAnn and I first met through the Rethink: Hawaii conference in 2010. Over a breakfast buffet at Ed’s Town in Honolulu, we had a chance to talk about technology and the Hawaiian business scene. Ever since, I’ve tried to stop by and meet with her every time I pass through the Islands. She has her finger on the pulse of Oahu, constantly bringing the latest technology to Oceanic Time Warner. Who says you can’t be high tech in paradise?

MaryAnn has always been generous with her time and is nothing short of a genius when it comes to sales strategy. Using her as a sounding board for my own ideas leaves me feeling smarter and filled with new opportunities. In addition, her involvement in the University of Hawai’i Alumni Association sets her apart as a giver in her community.

Thanks MaryAnn, for everything you do!

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