Fmr. Head of Security at Facebook/Oracle Discusses Importance of Branding

Written on Nov 12 2013

There’s no doubt that Hamilton Mixon has had an interesting career. Not many people get to list companies like Facebook, Oracle, and Genentech on their LinkedIn profile next to skills like interrogation, kidnapping/extortion management, and executive protection. When I had a chance to sit down with Hamilton to talk about physical security, I was impressed by the way he approached the field. While physical security at large companies may have you thinking of gates, guards, or key cards, Hamilton sees things differently.

Social media is an incredible tool that we now have in the physical security industry. Security has to be branded within organizations, or it will get lost in the minutia. Hamilton Mixon, Experienced Security Executive

Hamilton MixonHamilton Mixon is a highly experienced corporate security executive with expertise in Risk and Security Management, Asset Protection, Supply Chain Security, Executive Protection, Business Recovery and Continuity, Emergency Preparedness as well as Travel Safety in the Technology, Telecommunications, Health Care, and Pharmaceutical Industries. He has led security efforts at companies like Facebook, Oracle, and Genentech.

Q: Put simply, how would you describe your role and its importance in technology companies?

A: My job is to listen. In security, your “customers” are everyone from the janitor to the CEO, and they all have an input in the security process. All good security starts with a risk assessment. Once you’ve identified the risks, you then work to minimize it.

Q: How do you work to solve the physical security concerns of the organizations you work for?

A: We start with a risk assessment to fully flesh out all the risks to an organization. Then, we sit down with all of our customers, and work through acceptable solutions. While strict security procedures can be safe, they can slow you down. Even if they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, a janitor and a CEO both need to be able to move efficiently around campus. My job is to coordinate all of their concerns to openly discuss risks, and provide my professional opinion to coordinate with top executives to develop the best security solutions that fit the business needs and can be a part of the security strategic plan.

Q: How do you see the use of social media affecting the physical security industry?

A: Social media is an incredible tool that we now have in the physical security industry. Security has to be branded within organizations, or it will get lost in the minutia. With social media, you can get a core group of people that care about safety and security, and can get them engaged.

Q: What does “increased engagement” look like, and the effects on physical security?

A: The focus groups I led during my time at Facebook helped us refine our security plans and get feedback from all different parts of the business. Social media allows you the ability to instantly engage customers, peers and colleagues in a way not possible before

Interested in more tips from Hamilton? Stay tuned as we release more from our interview with him next week!

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