Effective Leaders Engage in Social Media

Written on Dec 12 2012

Social media channels have become a valuable element to efficiently communicate messages across the globe. These tools are being widely utilized for collaborating and sharing facts, stories, and events with audiences in real-time.

While many companies understand the important benefits social media brings for building brand image, most have not yet realized its full potential. One such opportunity is the use of social media by corporate executives and their ability to apply social media tools as a way of establishing thought leadership within their industry – strengthening the credibility of their brand.

Effective leaders have always been great communicators, however most corporate leaders are failing to integrate social media with their communication strategy.

According to results from the BRANDfog 2012: CEO, Social Media and Leadership Survey, executive engagement in social media raises the brand profile and instills confidence in a company’s leadership team. It builds greater trustbrand loyalty and purchase intent.

To effectively lead a company in today’s fast passed digital world, executives must consistantly maintain relevant communication and engagement. The best way to successfully engage and communicate a corporation’s visionmission, and values is through the use of social media channels.

While barriers to global connections continue to become less prevalent through social media, we have the ability to be more nimble, more interactive, and more persuasive than ever before. The very structure of social media and the skills it requires encourages us to develop new leadership strengths harnessed with the power to implement change instantaneously.

Moving forward into 2013, as a corporate executive, you should begin developing strategies for improving communication lines and become present in todays connected world. Become a catalyst for social change, and adopt this fastersmartersleeker mode of communication.

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