CEOs Ignore Social Media at High Cost

Written on Jul 13 2012

70% of big company CEOs have no presence on social networks.

This, according to Josh James in his article CEOs Afraid Of Going Social Are Doing Shareholders A Massive Disservice in Forbes, isn’t just a big percentage – it’s a big problem.

In his study, he found that on average only 9 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies had tweeted in a 100-day period. One CEO was only active during office hours – but James makes the point that her hundred thousand employees and millions of customers aren’t on the same schedule.

This point is taken further – that social media isn’t a fad, but a medium in which customers live. He compares it to ignoring email as a communication platform.

He also explores both external and internal benefits – that use of social media from the top-down results in strengthed communication and relationships with not only customers, but employees too.

Read his article here.

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  1. By Alexandr on January 16, 2013, 1:49 PM

    People usually think if it already works for them and they make money then it’s enough and no need in any change.

    However: “More than one-third of businesses adding products or menu items will be inspired by their competition’s online customer feedback” :)


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