Beginners guide for attending SXSW

Written on Mar 25 2013

Earlier this month SimplySocials’ CEO, Tyler Arnold, attended the hugely popular SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. It was a last minute decision that led to some interesting accommodations, valuable connections, and an immeasurable social experience. Compiled in a guest post on VentureBeat is a  list of 7 tips and lessons learned from Tylers’ first-time SXSW experience.


“Dude you gotta go. It’s like GOAP (Geeks on a Plane) x 1,000. You’ll love it.”
With that note, Antony McGregor Dey (founder of convinced me to go to South by Southwest (SXSW) a mere four days before the start of the Interactive portion of the conference. And having missed the hugely popular event the last two years, I didn’t feel like missing out on a third.
I never quite understood the value of going, nor did I have any expectations. I figured I had little to lose — although tickets, as you can imagine, were a fortune. That said, there are some things I wish I’d known heading into my first South by. So, below are some helpful tips for first-time SXSW’er:


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