American Airlines Shares Secrets to Generating Social Media Content

Written on Nov 11 2013

All eyes are on American Airlines as a proposed merger with US Airways would create the largest airline in the world. Until then, American Airlines has 77,000 employees and over 600 aircraft, making it an impressive entity by any standard.

So how does American power their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets with consistent content, despite operating across 273 destinations?

Stephanie Scott of American Airlines

Evidently, it takes a lot of collaboration and hard work. At American AirlinesStephanie Scott oversees community management and content strategy for the company’s social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Prior to joining American Airlines, Stephanie was Senior Account Executive at Weber Shandwick and Social Media Manager at Balcom Agency. Stephanie also founded the Social Media Club of Fort Worth in July 2010 with the goal of bringing together social media enthusiasts to advance learning.

We sat down with Stephanie to ask her how she does it, and this is what she had to say…

Q: Managing over one million likes on your Facebook Page must be a lot of hard work. What does your team look like?

A: The American Airlines social customer engagement team consists of three people, two of whom are dedicated to content strategy and community management and another who develops social media marketing campaigns.

Q: How do you manage the content creation process to make sure you always have something interesting to publish?

A: The team has identified 30+ business units across American Airlines that have engaging stories to share. We’ve educated them in the value of social media and shared best practices in content strategy. In addition to attending recurring meetings, these business units know to come to us when they have compelling content.

Q: How do you process that content into something interesting?

A: Our team receives a steady influx of interesting content, which we then shape into engaging stories with a social hook. In addition to working across American Airlines business units to create content,our team brainstorms creative tactics to engage our audience and tell our brand story, and develops regular promotions to further grow and engage our community.

Interested in more tips from Stephanie @ American Airlines? Stay tuned as we release more from our interview with her next week!


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