Alaska House Bill 252 hits Amsterdam!

Written on Mar 26 2012

Meer startups, alstublieft (more startups, please)! I had a chance to visit Amsterdam March 16 – 20th to connect with old friends, colleagues, and folks interested in SimplySocial. One of the individuals I had a chance to catch up with, Joost (pictured above), runs a creative agency called Vesper. I had a chance to meet Joost a year ago through my fellow Dutch co-founder, Jeroen. Joost invited me for a lunch in their new office.

After talking about the tech industry, SimplySocial, and life in general, Alaska drifted into the conversation. I brought up the prospect of House Bill 252, which would help exempt startups from Alaska State Income Tax. “Alaska is a very new place… It’s a place you can be apart of change,” I said. We both thought that with Alaska’s stable economy, it’s in a great place to diversify and grow new industries.

In a business environment that allows folks to work from anywhere, why not Alaska? It’s easy for individuals and companies in the U.S. to move there, and foreigners can even build companies and participate from abroad.

Let’s work to pass House Bill 252 by contacting your lawmakers today!

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