9 Pieces of Business Advice Startups Should Avoid

Written on Nov 21 2013

Starting your own business is never an easy job. It takes a lot of courage, initiative, knowledge and sometimes even help from other people to put a company on its feet. Even though most of the advice you get from more experienced entrepreneurs is great and always welcomed, it seems at times that the only person that can make the right decision about your business is none other than yourself.

We have all read the articles about which advice is best for a startup, how to make a company grow and how to become bigger and better. But what about the advice that will do more damage than good? 9 successful entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council were asked to share some words of wisdom they received from a mentor or investor that they then gladly ignored.

Find all their answers over at ReadWrite, including our own!



Also published at  Business Insider!

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