7 Killer Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Facebook

Written on Jul 18 2013

In the B2B world, Facebook is highly underutilized. Even though 39% of B2B marketers have used Facebook to generated leads, studies show that LinkedIn is the most used social platform for B2B companies. Facebook is more difficult to engage with as a business platform, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked.

Keep the following seven items in mind as a B2B marketer using Facebook to take advantage of the world’s largest social network.

1. Make a strategy.

It’s all about strategy. If you haven’t created a strategy yet, we recommend a free tool called Whatever your trade, start by building a database of your target. Then ask questions that will incite responses and be sure you have participants from your company to enhance your presence. A conversation is bound to spread, and even if it doesn’t, the engagement on Facebook will naturally rise. Persistence is key, so be sure to encourage your employees to share their opinions on your company’s activity.

Example: Read how IBM is embracing social media internally.


2. Use images.

Remember that pictures can grab your attention faster than text or videos. Share advice or even statistical data accompanied by pictures. People tend to look for things that catch their eye and can understand in a jiffy.

Alaska Regional Hospital Facebook Page
Example: Alaska Regional Hospital shares photos of its employees participating in charity initiatives to garner likes. Like their page for more!


3. Reward curiosity.

Play on people’s natural curiosity. Everybody is curious about how things are made, so show the “behind the scenes” of your business. What happened at an interesting event? How did the office prepare for the last networking meeting? Post and then add pictures.

Peddinghaus Story on YouTube

Example: Peddinghaus goes behind the scenes to share stories of its employees and factories.


4. Create incentives.

Offer a free demo. A free trial will attract people to your page. That means likes and shares and a lot of talk generated on Facebook and other social platforms. Also offer other kind of things for free: e-books useful in your line of business, videos with advice, or informative graphics. Remember to keep it useful and relevant.


5. Promote other content.

You’re probably creating content on some other platform like a blog or webinars. Don’t just put a link to Facebook. Find a good excerpt or make a short summary and post it. You’ll definitely get both Facebook likes and your blog visits up.

Action Step: Reshare and retweet content that will resonate with your audience. Promoting content from other sources will encourage their community to “overflow” into yours, and provide you with an opportunity to repost items that are already getting a response.


6. Engage with other businesses.

Make your page interesting for other businesses. You can catch their eye by sharing industry news and your opinions in an engaging way.

Be sure to like other businesses. Like them and post on their pages if allowed. Share the useful information you have and keep an eye on whatever they’re doing. There are businesses out there that need you – go out and find them on Facebook.

Action Step: Remember SlideShare? It has a Facebook application that can be integrated into any page. Imagine all the presentation you must have stored on a hard-drive or company server… Use them on Facebook! It’s a great way to share your business-related content to get a lot more people interested in your business.



7. Integrate social into your marketing strategy.

Last, but not least, integrate Facebook with your other marketing efforts. Include your tweets, blog posts, and discussions on LinkedIn as everything needs to be on Facebook too. Facebook is the most used social networking platform, and probably your potential partners are already there as individuals. Even though you may be B2B, businesses are still made up of people. Most of those people engage on Facebook in their spare time. Try to attract them with your content and brand philosophy.

Example: The Cisco Social Media Playbook provides a clear strategy that engages the entire company.

With SimplySocial, it takes no more than a few minutes to post something on Facebook. You don’t need to post a lot, as one item a day does the trick as long as it is consistent and relevant. Just make sure it’s an interesting “thing” and of good quality. When done, ask a few of your employees and friends to like and share, and then you’re all set.


BONUS TIP: Be confident.

See, it wasn’t that hard after all, was it? Start sharing your B2B experience on social media and let yourself be inspired by the dynamics of a beautiful online world! Don’t be afraid to experiment to find out what type of content your audience is really craving.

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