5 important tips for your company blog

Written on Apr 12 2013

The internet is teeming with all kinds of information. As internet surfers face a sea of content, some useful and interesting and some not, companies must mind the messages they put out. The quality of the information your company publishes behaves as a frame for how you’ll be perceived in terms of reliability, trust and reputation.

When you want your posts to resonate quality and meaning, consider these questions:

1. What is the purpose of my blog?

Your blog is a form of social media, and it’s for talking about what you know and letting people get to know you and communicate with you. When deciding on a topic, a great place to start is by asking questions. What questions do customers generally have about your business or topics around your industry? Odds are if one person wants to know it, there are likely others. A question and answer format (such as this one) may be a great way to present the content you have.

2. Will audiences find my blog interesting?

Creating engaging content for a business blog can be difficult, however good corporate blogging leads to indirect benefits. Find topics that are interesting to your customers and present them in a way that’s helpful, entertaining, and relevant. You may raise interest with readers by highlighting your company’s work philosophy, market vision or role in assuring a better world. Make sure your topic and writing style will make your readers want to share your blog with others.

3. Does your title have enough appeal to it?

With so much information floating around online, you need to be accurate about your subject and never deceive your possible readers with a title that has nothing to do with the article’s body.

A headline text needs to be short and appealing. Can someone scan your post and understand from the title and subheadings the main topic and quickly pinpoint key messages? Make sure the answer is yes.

4. Did you make proper use of the keywords?

Well-written, company-specific content can be a great way to build brand-awareness and improve search engine rankings for your company website. Keywords are important in Google searches (a percentage of 1-3% is recommended). Emphasize the key words but build a genuine and descriptive story around them. If your ideas are shared from somewhere else then be sure to link to the other websites, articles and pictures related to it – you’ll get better SEO and a better online presence.

5. Did I make a contribution?

SEO aside, remember that on the other side of the computer screen is a person reading your article. Don’t just post for the sake of regular posting as your company’s blog is a reflection of your professional expertise. Being honest and authentic gradually builds trust with your readers. Keep pace with your audience by creating fresh and inspiring content. Share your articles to social media networks and prompt your community to participate in dialogue around them. Over time, as your blog matures and your audience grows, the number of meaningful conversations with your target audience will also grow.

Unity and consistency are key functions for your online presence. The online world is a multilayered medium, retaining all the information about your company, and your blog posts are essential. SimplySocial is here to guide your social media presence and assure you great visibility! Let us help you mesmerize the internet with your unique brand!

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