2013 Social Trend Outlook

Written on Jan 01 2013

If in 2011 and 2012 companies were considering whether to engage in social media or not, there’s no doubt these platforms are now a major driving force in today’s connected world. Consumers in 2013 will be spending more time online as smart devices and social media continue their growth as an essential part of digital society. The importance of building long term brand equity and return on investment, ROI, through social channels will be a key focus for many companies that were only observers of the phenomenon in 2012. Drivers for success will center on social strategies, targeted campaigns, data control, and acting upon emerging technologies.

Driving Conversation

Marketers, communication specialists and CEOs are talking about 2013 as being a social year for any company wanting to grow their brand awareness. It’s not about price points or sales offers anymore, it’s about the soul and conversation behind a brand’s strategy. Therefore, social media presents the perfect opportunity to re-brand a company’s online image and capture new audiences.

Audiences respond best to content-driven engagement strategies populated around the theme of sharing stories. It’s no longer enough to broadcast ads with great offers and promise superior service and quality. What brands need to focus on in 2013 is sharing the stories from within their company. By implementing these strategies, they can begin fostering deeper relationships with their audience, attract new customers and turn current customers into social sharing advocates.

Monitoring and ROI

The big question in 2012 on Social Media was ‘how can we measure results?’ Companies realized that ROI was not solely about money when it came to measuring the efficiency of an investment, but that profit is scalable by performing and measuring engagement algorithms. In 2013, these measures will not only account for the number of likes, shares and retweets but will include degrees of engagement and emotional responses. Many business experts predict that large companies will increase investment in monitoring tools and apps that deliver a complete profile of their audience. As we move forward, measuring engagement will be the hottest qualitative research tool that will drive business investment in social media.

Emerging New Trends

2012 was the biggest year for mobile, however 2013 is projected to have an even larger growth rate in mobile technologies. Increased navigation speed will allow for more complex applications to operate on mobile terminals and users will expect a greater experience with interactive content on mobile platforms.

If you’re looking to be on the cutting edge of social media marketing, a hot topic forming among filmmakers and game developers is transmedia storytelling. Transmedia storytelling combines storytelling and gaming to create repeatable and personalized social experiences across multiple platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, SMS, Email, and many more. Marketing specialists believe it will begin to enter the mainstream of communication in 2013, as brands begin to take part in developing these cohesive interactive campaigns. While preparing for the new year, companies should begin looking at this new marketing strategy and consider ways they could incorporate transmedia storytelling to better engage their own audience.

Nevertheless, with an eye on the hottest social media, mobile, and online trends, our team at SimplySocial will be here to assure your company’s success and visibility. We hope to see you on the market ready to engage your customers on a new era of social brand communication.

May you all have a Simply Happy and Social New Year!

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